We all are looking for ways to save money when we shop for grocery at Supermarkets and Stores. One of these ways to save money is to make use of the different coupons offered by manufacturers and stores. The downside to using coupons is that these coupons can at times make us buy things which we do not really need. Coupons can make us overspend! So we need to keep in line with our shopping list and budget. For us to derive maximum benefits from coupons, it is important for us to know the different types of coupons, how these coupons work, how best to find them and the different policies used by manufacturers and stores to redeem these coupons.


There are two major types of grocery coupons-Manufacturer and Store coupon. Both coupons can be used together for an item, that is stacked together, a strategy know as “stacking coupon” The two types of coupons are


These are coupons offered directly by manufacturers of consumer products found in supermarkets, departmental stores, grocery stores etc. They are the most common types of coupons, widely accepted by national chain store and your usual local grocery store. So it doesn’t matter wherever you get the coupon from, you can always redeem it at any national chain store or local grocery store. Shoppers should be careful not to get a fake manufacturer coupon as there are many fake coupon sites which stock fake manufacturer coupons. Nowadays, most manufacturer coupons use Universal Uniform Element in the design of manufacturer coupon which makes it easily verified as legitimate by stores accepting it. These design elements includes the words “manufacturer coupon” displayed on the coupon, the terms of usage, limitations and expiry date. The manufacturer’s address which the store usually sends the coupon for reimbursement for acceptance is also displayed on the coupon. Other numerical data, Laura Ashley at Voucher Codes Pro,barcodes, coupon identifiers are also not left out. Manufacturer coupons can be accessed through websites like www.thecouponmaster.com and www.thecouponclippers.com, newspapers, manufacturers’ websites and social media platforms, asking for coupons directly from manufacturers, newsletters, inside product packaging, at grocery stores, magazines, coupon sites etc. Some manufacturers’ coupons do have store names on it. This can bring about confusion to customers. These coupons can actually be redeemed at any store irrespective of the store name printed on the coupon unless otherwise stated that the coupon can only be redeemed at a named store.


These are coupons issued by stores which are usually redeemable at the stores issuing the coupon. Coupons from another competitor can also be redeemed at some stores. These coupons are used to promote products and also to entice shoppers into buying from a particular store. Most store coupons usually have “store coupon” or the particular name of the store printed on top of the coupon and specific requirements

must be met before the coupon can be redeemed. Store coupons can be found on store websites, inside the store, the store’s social media platform and store’s shopping apps, newspaper, email newsletters etc. Some National stores have monthly coupon book filled up with coupons which consumers can pick up from these stores. Also, some big drug stores like CVS have coupon dispensers which print out store coupons.

Some drug stores do have Catalina Coupons. Catalina Coupons are coupons printed out from a small machine usually located close to the cash register in stores. These Catalinas can be programmed to print coupons for certain types of purchases or when a shopper’s total purchase equal a certain dollar amount. Catalinas are usually a manufacturer coupon and can be combined with the store coupon to be redeemed.


It is advisable for customers to always know the type of coupon in their possession at any time to enable them to maximize its full benefits. Knowing if a coupon is a manufacturer coupon of store coupon is vital and knowing the difference is important. The types of coupon usually determine how that coupon can be redeemed. Generally, grocery stores will not allow customers to use more than one coupon for an Item. Coupon stacking whereby customers can use both the manufacturer coupon and store coupon for an item is usually allowed by many stores. Most stores will not allow the use of its store coupon for advertised product but will allow that of a manufacturer coupon to be used. Some stores still double coupons. For instance, if the value of the coupon is $1, some stores doubling coupons will allow $2 off the item. It is advised that customers should buy their grocery from different stores and not from a particular store. This is to derive maximum savings on price.


The best places to find coupons are from Supermarkets magazines, Supermarket Loyalty Scheme, online coupon sales, social media platforms, manufacturer and store websites, contacting the manufacturer directly through their contact us page or letter, newsletters, inside or on product pack, cash back etc. Some good coupon sites like coupon.com, money saving mom, the krazy coupon lady are readily available where you can get best coupons.


Stores generally redeem coupons according to the guideline set up by the manufacturer. Some stores do accept all manufacturing coupons. Stores will only accept one manufacturer coupon on each item. The item stated on the coupon must be purchased to redeem that item. Free products are usually honored for the value of the item only. Some store still double coupon. It is important to know the store coupon policy that is specific to the region in the country where the store is located. Stores should have very specific and simple to understand coupon policies. Coupons can also be combined with sales. Most stores will only combine a manufacturer coupon with sales. For instance, a store may be running certain adverts in its stores like buy-one-get-one-free. A customer can not use a store coupon for this promo but can use a manufacturer coupon.